A Dash of Inspiration

I am lagging behind my self-committed write everyday or every night one 500-word entry. It doesn’t really have to come out as a novel in the making in the next 30 days. It just needs to be something from the crevices of my crazy brain every day. It has been so hard for the past two years to write something sensible. Everytime I try to tap in my thoughts I hesitate. I know partly it is because I haven’t been reading enough books or that I haven’t really been putting my heart to it. I think I have technology to blame on that, too. For some reason. That and admittedly work.

Having my thoughts fly off and land on random topics is not very hard at all. The thought of having to write them down immediately is the taxing part – I usually do not have the luxury of time to just type away. I remember buying my phone with capability to post pictures in hope to be able to capture everything I can see that is worthy to write an article about. Same phone was able to email an entry to my then reliable blog – Multiply.com.  For a time, I was able to do that. Multiply shut down and I switched to a phone with more capability that would suit my hungry-to-write self and then I got busier. Entries came in less and less even though I’ve switched to WordPress.

I tried to join in on the 30-day 500-word challenge to start 2014 but lo and behold I cannot seem to find and make time to stop what I am doing and type whatever on my phone even as draft. There is one film that I did get from a famous file-sharing site that inspired me to keep on writing back when I was still in college. It tickled interest so much from me. I wanted to see it again in hopes to get at least a dash of exciting inspiration like it did back when I first saw it. It  is a combination of two things I am fond of : basketball and writing. My inspiration did not root from the fact that it involved basketball but that it involved a talented aspiring young writer being coached by William Forrester – a supposedly famous and Pulitzer-prized author. I seem to find myself in the boy  (I am the girl version). All thoughts tapped in or written in small journal notes.

Now that I have it in my phone – same phone that I can use to post in whichever blog post i want to post my thoughts in – I again barely have time to even watch it. But I am thankful that now, right this very moment, while I was scanning the TV channels, I stumbled on FOX Family Movies and it is airing Finding Forrester. I knew it was THE movie the moment I saw few seconds of the movie and confirmed it via the title on the upper left of the display. And yes it did give me that same thirst to TYPE AWAY. I am not expecting it to be enough to get me to start making up for the 9 days I missed writing. But it did make me want to.

” No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think! ” – Forrester


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