Death is a robber 1:07 PM 1/10/2014

Breaktime Taptap

I wonder how many words I can write and what thoughts i can make up in twelve minutes.

I just found out last night that my grandfather (brother of my grandmother on my mom’s side) passed away. he was dead on arrival in the hospital. All other details are but a blur to me – not because I am in dreadful pain at his passing away but just because it is just that – the details are all a blur for now.

All his other siblings are in Canada. His older sister (my mom’s mom) is the one taking care of and looking after him. She would be the only relative taking care of all his paperworks until my dad gets there. My dad traveled to Paoay last night. No one else will help my grandmother with the paper work.

Don’t get me wrong I am sad about his passing away. There was a near eight-second shock moment with my mouth open as I tried to recall what was up lately with him before he died.

He was sick few weeks back but it was not so serious. He died of dehydration – that was the news. He was complaining about headache the other day. He was still strong and able to walk. A little weaker than the usual last I heard but he can still take care of himself. So if he was thirsty at that time, he would have been able to drink up. But i also heard that he has not been feeding himself much lately. Probably getting tired.

My grandfather’s time with us has been longer than expected. He’s got Down’s Syndrome. And from medical facts those with the same case rarely get passed the age of 50 and he died at a ripe but sunsetting age of over 65. Really long blessing of healthy and fun life living in our province of Paoay with his oldest sister.

He was a good source of joy during family vacations. He loves going to the beach and drinking coke. He would always stare at every one of us and say our names once his focus gets clearer. He will be missed. Though death has always been part of life and that we have already embraced the thought long time ago it still is a sad thought and reality.

We know his time will end soon when my uncles and aunties went there for a visit. We knew he was becoming weak. But like any professional thief, death still takes us by surprise – not entirely depressed but definitely I felt robbed – of but one portion of my childhood life that will cease to be extended in the physical realm but only to live in the memory for as long as I can allow to refresh and re-live the days when my grandfather would still have us tease him about going to the beach, serving coke for dinner, or even opening a gallon of ice cream.

We did not have a very close relationship. But I guess when death cheats you of someone from your clan regardless of the affinity of relationship, you will feel cheated. I feel less and less betrayed by the minute. The thought transfers to the other living older relatives and I silently pr’ay for their good health and push for a longer healthier and happier life before their turn comes.


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