The Travel Back Home

And so we cannot stay longer in my grandmother’s house as we have work tomorrow morning. We loaded up the UV and started out with our journey going home to the city. The usual nine-hour ride turned out to be twelve-hours. More or less it was plus four hours to our ride the previous nigt going there.

Saying goodbye was sad – brief but admittedly sad. Our auntie and grandmom wanted us to stay for lunch but we just cannot as we have schedule to beat. The six-year-old boy with us still have school, my sister-in-law needs to go to work tomorrow in the school, my two brothers have work, I have work and my dad has a flight to catch in few hours from now.

I mused a minute about the plans for who will be with my grandmother until her sisters arrive. My auntie wjo went with us there should be on a bus by now going home as well. My uncle and his wife arrived there around 3am this morning. I have no idea who will be going there next.

Anyway when we drove away from the house and waving goodbye at everyone, and moved to that one place where we can buy few goodies we can take to our officemates.

That province though we seldom go to now, gave me growig up memories that if I can try to go back to its warmth I would. But things do change. We all grow up and we all get on with our lives. Even though that seems true, I always find it heartwarming to always get that natural high and excitement in seeing old friends. We happen to see two friends close to our families before we left. They used to live within the compound of my grandmother. They used to be our initial playmates everytime we are there. Seeing them just gives a wave of nostalgia. They knew also my grandpa who passed away. We just didn’t get to see each other earlier when we we were there because they had to attend to some things.

After buying our goodies and a little catch up and more laughing at how my younger brother will be getting married even before I will be settling down and how fat I have evolved from way back since we last saw each other, we went on our way.

The ride was not too hot. Traffic was not so heavy until we got to the place where there were road constructions. We tried to avoid it but I think sometimes not everyone who seems local knows the alternate routes. Sometimes it is true with or lives as well. We get used to the familiar and explore less and lesser options as time goes by – as situations start to grow on us. Everytime we asked for alternate routes, no one knew. My dad would not want us to take other routes than straight ahead even though there were road signs. It is very seldom for the experienced and the wise to deviate from old school methods. We were not able to explore new routes. But I did get another wave of nostalgia as the same route we took going home was the same route I was in few weeks back before Christmas vacation to catch some waves on a surf board with some of my friends from the office.

There is so much to write about the ride but I don’t think I would want to take too long in writing down everyrhing. So this or pretty much sums up most of it.


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