And the day ends

Sleeping last night with only one thing in mind: to wake up early and leave early for work. It has been hard to wake up and move since last year’s long vacation. The long distance from my house to my workplace seems a good excuse. But the thing is, the ride going to my work takes just around thirty minutes using public transportation.

The routine starts the moment the alarm clock sounds off. And then it will sound off again some minutes after I presssed on snooze because I drifted off to sleep again. After that the five-minutes-more begging starts until I realize I cannot go back to the same dream land I was in few begging minutes ago.

I jumped off the bed and opened my cabinet for anything sensible to wear. – something that can still fit me after the holiday feasting. Bathed. Went down to boil water for first serving of coffee. I got stuck watching something on tv. It fascinated me as it involved a bit of apocalyptic theme.

Sipped on my coffee trying to enjoy it. But it was too hot so I popped in three ice cubes and relaxed while watching TV and waiting for nature’s call. And then it did. Satisfied, I left home towards work.

Rode a tricycle, directed a cab to where I wanted to take the bus to work. SUPPOSEDLY the pickup point is for buses who take the faster and lesser traffic route. But I guess the bus tragedy up that high way drove the bus operators to no longer use it. The billboards that I see in full from up the skyway I start viewing from below. And most of what I saw were trusses.

I Took the jeepney from the market. Got off one block from my building. Got into an elevator where I took good note of my officemates high-heeled shoes which made her walk slower and her stride shorter.

Set up my laptop and got stuck resolving production issues. The next thing I knew, I was writing a status about the issue, collecting my stuff, grouping in with the pal who is my ride going back.

I appreciate the small breaks away from the keyboard and the mouse. But this is my every day life. Writing jt down makes it seem like nada.

Sniffing up my running cold. I am now waiting for a friend’s hubby to come pick up the laptop she will be using to work from home. She is sick currently but I cannot face the issues on my own.

I actually found a good hangout in this convenience store in the corner of my street. I have seen a variety of people walk in, walk out, met up with a friend, passed by, stopped to get on their next ride. Maybe if I can entertain my thoughts I can write a story about each one and wonder how they started their day and what are their thoughts now that the day is ending in preparation for another cycle of tomorrow.


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