What is the Matter?

Some things in life I learned in grade school science. Lately I have been pondering on the relevance of the states of the matter. The reason behind is when I start looking at how relationships, particularly in friendship, start, take peak and some die eventually. The anatomy and post-mortem of a fall out is essentially Science-based.

SOLID. Platonic pheromones, vibes, interests and hobbies seem to solidly bond people together. The adhesion is super tight and no matter how much you try to fit it in a different container of situation, it takes its own shape. Friends seem to have that tight bond that cannot be cracked.

LIQUID. Add a little heat of discovering differences and setting foot of principles, the bond weakens. Loose bonding tried by all types of weather and wear and tear, people melt.

GAS. Every element has their boiling point. While some stays in liquid and boiling state, others GAS out. Some bonds are finally meant to come to an end and some sticky bonding needs to ne unstuck.

Fall outs. GAS is never the ending phase, though. The processes in between are all essential. Pounding or grounding any solid thing makes it easier to liquify. Swirl a liquid in a heated pan makes it easier to vaporize it.

Add a little heat to vaporize. But the same method can reverss effects. But that would be an entirety different article. I will take the moment to savour the straight fall out method via the states of the matter.

Phase and methods are sometimes tolerable and we grow a little backbone facing up with the inevitable cycle. But a lot of times there are relationships we try as much as possible to keep in tact weathering the storm. Some exposure leaves the bond stronger others so hard it becomes brittle.

Later on, we will get questions in our heads we can never utter even rhetorically for fear to be the catalyst of the impending parting. We are afraid to ignite or fan the smoke. We then decide it has come to an end. Some things were not really made to last forever. Some things are meant to be re-molded to something new. It may not be entirely pleasant but eventually it will be.

Sometimes we just have to gently lay down whatever we try to not to slip through our fingertips and watch it go gas. The steam willl hurt. Steam burns are the nastiest burns there is.

I think I just got steamed.

It will leave a keloidal mark. It will sharpen the only thing that will be left solid – my respect for my self. It will be a source of lesson dug from childhood – not in the play ground and, why, quite surprisingly, in the four corners of the classroom.

I just got burned.

The scar will join the other scars to form a beauty mark. A beautiful reminder of at least once in each cycle we were at least solid.

Thankful. Thoughtful. Learned.

What is the matter? It was just anyhing that has mass and itnoccupied space. Now leaves the lovely damn space with scars


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