At the end of the day….

I am tired and I still am not close to absolutely done. I came home late last night. I was trying to trace a production issue – it with small favors on the side. Then I had to wake up for work next day. I woke up with dry eyes. It stung. I did not bother to pu in eye drops simply because I know it was because of my strain. I keep staring at my monitor trying to tie up posting accounts. My eyes were tired. Add to that the fact that I have a silly bad state of colds. The doctor said it’s allergic rhinitis. My nose was and still is stuffy. My eyes were dry. I dragged myself off my bed to prepare for work.

The sun was up nicely. It has been a cool breezy weather lately and the morning warmth of the sun is very much appreciated. I hailed a tricycle going to the corner of our street. Our street gets a little clogged in the morning. Most private vehicles try to elude the main roads’ heavy rush traffic and most of then decides to take the inner roads. My trike was following a jeepney witha bad belch. The trike driver was trying to overtake the jeep. To do that, he needs to turn the trike a bit so he can check for incoming vehicles. He never got to overtakw the jeepney. He was, , however, able to suffocate me because when he turns a bit, the stupid belcher of a jeep’s muffler becomes directly pointed at the “door” and straight to a passenger like me. The thick muffler produce was even black. It was nasty to my stuffy nose. But I guess that was that time nature’s way to desensitize me.

The smoke incident was not the last. When I got to riding the jeepney, we were following another belcher. It was a great start for my stuffy nose to get well. You think?

So I came In to the office, line up for thr elevator, got out on my floor and grabbed my laptop from our locker. Setup my laptop. Then friends decided we would eat breakfast.

Breakfast conversation was light, easy and funny. I enjoyed my pork spring rolls. It was during that time that we decided we want to eat lunch somewhere else. Light talk some more and finding out the age of one of our boss friend gave us something to laugh about. It extended until lunch time.

We went to the newly relocated Buffalo Wings N’ Things. Ordered their other line’s best seller added a set of chicken wings and ee got free nachos and we were eating so happily. We had to go back for the boss meeting.

From the time I settled my butt on my chair, I was not able to do anything else. I was so absorbed, lost and feeling inadequate. My laptop’s running slow, most people I need for what I’m working on has some of their share of busyness. Some had connection issues and I had a client thst is rushing me into the paper, and notes.

I have never thought that there is actually a chance of considering resigning because of this issue and build release that I have. Every email made me feel like I will have a cardia arrest. I

I am very tired. I stood up and loked at the heads of my busy office mates and wondered if they are feeling like I am feeling.

My day is so much a throat-constricting work. Going home, though me and my office mate saw one building throwing off fireworks. She puled over so we can get better view. So I guess at the end of the day, life is not all about war.


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