significant today

it is 2am and it is rather normal that I am still up. I usually sleep around 3 or quarter to three lately. Rigt now, the howling dog from our neighbor is giving me the super creeps.

Filipino myth has it that when dogs go howling in the odd hours of night or early morning, Death is bound to come and take someone’s soul. First thing that crossed my mind though was, “Lord, no earthquakes please”.

It’s creepy hearing the howl. it’s creepier to hear it at exactly 2am on my watch. That snatched my sleepiness a bit.

That is one thing significant before I close my day. the creepy dog made me check on my dad, thought of my mom who is in a convention in Iloilo and my younger brother who is in Isabela and made a mental note to shoot them a text message of good night and love.

the thought of howling and death reminded me of that short moment when a butterfly flew alongside me while I was walking on the sidewalk towards our office. it was white and not quite small. it made my heart feel a little stab of pain because I was trying to take a good picture of these butterflies since I started the new hobby of photography.I have had my share of good shots and frustrations becauss these flutterrers are really hard to keep still and here is one beside me, circling around me and “walking” beside me and I do not even have my weapon with me and I was rushing to go to worl then, also

Filipino myth also has it that butterflies are usually our folks who died some months ago. it didn’t feel that way though. I thought, “Lord, one more time next time I have my camera pleae?”.

The nearness of the butterfly and its whiteness would have been the best shot against the green trees, grass and the pavement. oh well maybe next time.

Today was also a play on words day. I was talking to a friend and we were playing with words on kindness, stupidity and sense. We ended up with a fact:

“…minsan ang sobrang kabaitan ay nagpapakita ng kawalan ng bait”

Translated and what I intend to mean : “too much kindness projects lack of common sense”

The same line has been a bit used over dinner regarding friends who seemed to have been used by some other friends.

this day has given much significant moments and by significant I meant highlight – not exactly exciting but prominent enough for me to have it still retained in my head.

Thankful and thoughtful for this one wave of a variety.of a day, I bid this “night” good night.


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