The Word, “Confirmed”

Happening: Meeting
Venue : Training room

The year 2013 is a wonderful year. By wonderful I meant it left me in awesome WONDER both in things that took my breath away because of my travels and the news from bonding moments that, well, took away  my breath as well. It was breathtakingly wonderfully awesome. And for some reason the year 2013 has been the year when the media and society embraced (and yes some still raised their brows i know i know) those who are coming out. It’s no doubt that this will ripple and spill over the next years to come. Between me and my friends spotting out who IS and who is not is already part of the everyday conversation under Entertainment for daily events.


That was one word that snapped me out of my busy day dreaming (my brain is in Monday ADHD Mode) while we were in a meeting. The word got me back to reality and I am trying hard to dig into my subconscious to get back in line with what we were talking about in the meeting.

The word confirmed has been connected to my brain to instance/s when one suspected gay was “confirmed” to be, well, gay. So i was trying to catch up on who was confirmed this time and then I realized they were talking about a different issue that is work-related and not exactly pertaining to anyone.

This monday ADHD!


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