And so here I am again typing away when I am supposed to be sleeping already. The weekend has ended and somehow although the cycle just goes on and by now I should have been used to Mondays, i find myself not wanting for Monday to come. For more than months now, and I stopped counting, I have loved Mondays. Funny fate twisted nastily and I am now reporting back to the main office and, lo and behold, facing my old boss. I have nothing against her but if I really enumerate the re-cycling feeling of being demoralized by her arrogance, I would be contradicting the statement.

I am yet to evaluate and re-evaluate the validity of my crumbling emotion’s outcry. it could be just me. and I am giving myself space and a forgiveable amount of time to re-assemble my thoughts, courage, morale and attitude and try to climb up from this vantage point of view. maybe just maybe things will change. But what I am afraid of is the feeling of suppressed wanting to voice out what I want to say – I’ve had enough.

I pray tomorrow will be better. I pray later will be different. I pray this for all of us in this project we are working on.


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