Read Up Project 10: Make Someone’s Moment

You know how they say, “the way to happiness is to make someone else happy”? or something to that line? this book opens up options to readers to do just that. I admit it took me awhile to appreciate the book but it did get better approaching the end.

“Take a chance! Make a connection. Put a smile on someone’s face. And put a smile on your own face! The more you make someone’s moment, the more you’ll make your own.

What are you waiting for?”



What NOT To Read

36“But of that day and hour no one knows,
not even the angels of heaven,
but My Father only.
37“But as the rdays of Noah were, so also will the
coming of the sSon of Man be.
38“For as in the days before the flood,
they were eating and drinking,
marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah
entered the ark,
39“and did not know until the flood
and took them all away,
so also will the ccoming of the Son of Man be.
Matthew 24:36-39

Funny how circumstances play out. This verse is not exactly a comfortable piece to be reading specially now that typhoon Glenda is currently strolling its way down our skies and grounds like a boss. It happened that it is in the book I am currently reading – God’s Story, Your Story by Max Lucado. I found out I cannot do anything under state that we are in – power outage, strong winds and crazy-gloomy-scary-if-i-will-admit situation. If I read from my phone, I’ll just drain it out. So I decided to pick a book from my stash of “almost halfway through”. And this is exactly the story where I left off – when Max was just tackling the coming of our Heavenly Dad.
I think it’s no accident that I am able to be typing on this tablet about it. As much as we would like to be soft about the reality of things to come, sometimes we have to lay it down as it is, too. Some people may doubt what the verse meant, but nonetheless, it is already happening. The unpredictable weather we are in and that we cannot be prepared for no matter how high tech our tech stuff are, we still come short to being prepared. I think it would be worse on that day that the Son of Man is coming back. Today we prepare because we are warned. But that day, most would probably be too damn happy to even care even if they are warned.
This is exactly what we do not want to read at a time when it may be close to happening. But when is the proper time to read and understand and ask for wisdom on these things? We do not even pay attention to His word whether it is given to us sugar-coated or bold-faced, in good circumstances or in bad. Maybe just maybe if we break from our “if I don’t think about it, it will not happen” mindset, we will be paying attention. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too late.
On the end of those who knew and understood, may we be able to fight through the crazy mindset and may the Holy Spirit lead us to those who are already ready to understand.

It’s That Time Again

Rain is drizzling outside ( the time when thd draft of this writeup was first conceived. Currently it’s scary outside already)My ears are peaked and attentive to any change in the heaviness of the pitter patter of th drops. We are awaiting Glenda’s anger. Glenda is another typhoon coming in to our country’s area of responsibility. Just last week me and my friends had to check in to a nearby hotel because we cannot risk going through the skyway only to find out that our exit is already a wide river of murky water impassable by even my Hummer. Yes, I’m kidding about the Hummer. That time, there was no storm. It was just a simple seasonal rain.
And that raised concerned questions to everyone’s head here. If that happens even on during the regular rain, how much more water are we expecting if there is a storm?
I guess Glenda, eavesdropping on the silent thoughts of the Filipinos decided to give our questions a little picture. Right this very moment, it’s already making its presence felt in the Bicol region. The news on TV are active in giving us updates. Twiiter is up trending #GlendaPH. I would want #PrayforPhilippines up there again. We haven’t recovered from the earthquake before Yolanda and Yolanda herself. And by nature’s cycle we are at the season to be receiving buckets full of water – thousands of it – rapidly being poured on our provinces and cities.
As autumn last year is never the same as this year’s, we can liken this one to a lot of other times we’ve been greeted by nasty typhoons but we know there is no fingerprint to that. We can only be prepared and cooperate with our local government when it’s time to move – our part.

AND PRAY TO GOD spare the lives of our loved ones, friends and friends of friends and families of friends of friends.
.. to provide for means to recover soonest
… to keep faith
… to hold on and trust that despite all these and no matter how hard it is to imagine and grasp, He is God.

May HIS WILL be done.

Read Up Project 8: The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things


photo courtesy of wikipedia. the book i read didnt have this cover but the title and, well, story i suppose is the same.

the story started out far from being wholesome. it got me looking over my shoulder 1.) to see if anyone is looking at me and 2.) to see if anyone can really affirm me that the book really is starting that way and that it is not a messed up copy. No wonder it got banned as per wikipedia’s research. It was that same notion when i was watching Game of Thrones first season. The story ia graphic or boldly descriptive that it is very unlikely for you to not get a picture. I think the author did pretty well in, when banned,  trying to openly portray the as is of the teeangers nowadays.

The story started there but the story did not stay there. it zoomed in and out of Virginia’s life – every bit of it. and with every snapshot i bet anyone will be able to relate. the author painted out not only teenagers but also family, society and all the other things that wrap around relationships and lives.

The silent killer – not talking about issues and waiting for it to just die down just broke me down. Specially when Virginia and her Dad made a pact that betwee  them, they will start communicating.

it is a nice book. not entirely taking sides on which character should be voted for as good guy or bad guy but simply portraying life as it is as humanly as possible. this is one piece of a family guide.

Read Up Project 7: Who Moved My Cheese

The book i think is nice. The message is great. The quotes are thougtful. The idea was delivered. But then again there is something about the story that made it quite dragging? i think the point of the book could have gotten through even if the story of the friends after the story was relayed to them was written off.
The book was recommended to me by a friend who got amused at how easily i worry about small changes that seem big to me. My type of change-dealing revolves around the characters’ A-mazing characters. Depending on the area, my reaction and gameplan  could be to wallow in it .. again depending on my hormones.

despite feeling the drag, will i recommend the book? Most likely. the important things are covered in more number of flattened trees compared to the dragging part.

Drop Me Anywhere, Anytime

Ok… Let’s do another DPPrompt shall we… 

Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Reading the prompt, my mind raced through the list of my fears:

  • Heights
  • Snakes
  • Spiders

Those are just on top of my head. I doubt I really fear snakes but I just felt like putting it there. Spiders. .only when they are really huge and hairy.

Oh my gosh! How can I forget: Flying Roaches! That one thing that I know even macho guys start screaming like ladies when these naughty pests start flying over your head!

But I really see no difference in my life if I would be living without fear of the things that I wrote above. My summer adventures have led me to face my fear of heights every once in a while. I jump off cliffs and into the blue deep waters of the sea or even the water falls. That was ecstatically really fun.

Now, IF I really really really really really really (yes I meant to really write really many time) would fantasize on something that I know deep in my gut I am fearful of and for a moment make it real  – it would be me walking around our neighbourhood and fearlessly…

1.)   Being able to walk up to anyone and strike up conversation (I am a socially inconsistent person. I am a swinging introvert and extrovert depending on … well… my hormones. .. I think)

2.)   The conversation will and should be one that is really connecting (a lot of times I do not have a problem with this. Whenever I talk to people it usually leads to a deep and personal conversation)

3.)   I would be able to lead the conversation to the cross… (this is not usually a topic I bring up voluntarily. Sometimes it’s them who leads the conversation I am normally just a person putting in bits and pieces of the fact surrounding God’s plan, His love, our humanity and our sinfulness, the consequence of our sins and God’s resolution ,etcetera)

I’ve always had the fear (there I finally placed the finger on the proper paragraph) of choking people with God-talk. If I am entirely incapable of feeling this fear, I definitely would have a better life. Because I know that I myself would be seeing more of God if I simply can “JUST OBEY”.


Eenie Meenie Mienie Moe

This prompt popped me a question that although it is a simple choice question, I found it hard to answer. I think the “why” behind it is playing my head into weaving a scenario in my head and in the middle of the scenario, i jump to the other scenario and there my head keeps ping pong-ing back and forth. So, thanks to the DailyPrompt for July 10 I actually have a very active brain right now. 

So which is it? A video of myself or a recording of my voice? After typing that paragraph above, I finally have a final answer : A video of myself.

I remember one time in college where we had to do Othello. In my head while I was acting it out in front of the camera, it was totally graceful. Reviewing the shots after, I had a smile on my face that is stuck and GOOSE BUMPS all over. It was brutally not so graceful as i thought. I imagined and played my character as graceful as I can but it wasn’t graceful. Plus the fact that I may be photogenic but not video-genic showed there as well. It was supposed to be gracefully ladylike. But it wasn’t. It was typical.. normal … nothing to be thrilled about. So there I don’t think I’d be able to stand seeing myself again in film. 

The voice on the other hand, is different. I do not have a great great voice. But I do a lot of times record myself singing while playing my guitar. It’s not grand but at least I would not have to be worried about being shy, feminine and looking beautiful – am i pale, do i need to put make up on, was or is  that gesture appropriate? I think how i hit the notes right is far reachable goal to fix than how I would look in front of a rolling camera.

Funny how a video of us can make us want to kick ourselves sometimes. 

I admire JourneyMan’s honesty. While I am worried with how I look and project, he is more concerned with how a video of himself mirrors his mechanical tendencies when talking to other people.




Read Up Project 6: Brokenness (The heart that God heals)

Finally got to finish the thin book. For such a small book .. it contains a loadful of heart-checking truths. i had to set it aside for a while to gnaw and chew what it was saying, what my heart is saying and what God would want me to do.

For while my heart did get broken in some of the bullets I know there are far more issues my God will use as I continue to still take things in.

this book check on the pride we build for ourselves. that kind of pride that makes us think we’re alright and high and makes us think we are not in need of healing.

this book also made me aware that not everyone who i see as “a-ok” is really a-ok. it’s more than just an eye opener. This one brings you to a level of wanting to keep in fellowship with everyone and pray for them as well.

This one came I think at just the right time -this very season when God is opening my heart to check on myself and be able to accomodate someone else’s humanity. This among the many other reads.

I praise God for this book.



“TO everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven..”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Change. Everyone needs it once in a while.

Change. Everyone faced fearing it at least once in their lives.

Change. Everyone by now knows that it is the “ only constant thing in life”…

                …. That everyone needs once in a while

               …. But fears some of it when it comes depending on the favour you get

                 …. And it is a constant cycle.


Although this is life’s beautiful cyclical detail may or may not be of big matter, it is rather fascinating that every time a season ends and starts a new one, the autumn last year is never the same as the other year and the autumn this year, it probably won’t be the same either.  Though one may look forward to it and lounge excitedly to embrace it or another may choose to humanly feel the fear for a while, we will have to face forward anyway.

Each change has a purpose.

Each time He has set to happen in each season leads to something.



“He has made everything beautiful in its time”

Ecclesiastes 3:11


Once upon a time… it was good.

Then it was beautiful ever after.