“TO everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven..”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Change. Everyone needs it once in a while.

Change. Everyone faced fearing it at least once in their lives.

Change. Everyone by now knows that it is the “ only constant thing in life”…

                …. That everyone needs once in a while

               …. But fears some of it when it comes depending on the favour you get

                 …. And it is a constant cycle.


Although this is life’s beautiful cyclical detail may or may not be of big matter, it is rather fascinating that every time a season ends and starts a new one, the autumn last year is never the same as the other year and the autumn this year, it probably won’t be the same either.  Though one may look forward to it and lounge excitedly to embrace it or another may choose to humanly feel the fear for a while, we will have to face forward anyway.

Each change has a purpose.

Each time He has set to happen in each season leads to something.



“He has made everything beautiful in its time”

Ecclesiastes 3:11


Once upon a time… it was good.

Then it was beautiful ever after.





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