Eenie Meenie Mienie Moe

This prompt popped me a question that although it is a simple choice question, I found it hard to answer. I think the “why” behind it is playing my head into weaving a scenario in my head and in the middle of the scenario, i jump to the other scenario and there my head keeps ping pong-ing back and forth. So, thanks to the DailyPrompt for July 10 I actually have a very active brain right now. 

So which is it? A video of myself or a recording of my voice? After typing that paragraph above, I finally have a final answer : A video of myself.

I remember one time in college where we had to do Othello. In my head while I was acting it out in front of the camera, it was totally graceful. Reviewing the shots after, I had a smile on my face that is stuck and GOOSE BUMPS all over. It was brutally not so graceful as i thought. I imagined and played my character as graceful as I can but it wasn’t graceful. Plus the fact that I may be photogenic but not video-genic showed there as well. It was supposed to be gracefully ladylike. But it wasn’t. It was typical.. normal … nothing to be thrilled about. So there I don’t think I’d be able to stand seeing myself again in film. 

The voice on the other hand, is different. I do not have a great great voice. But I do a lot of times record myself singing while playing my guitar. It’s not grand but at least I would not have to be worried about being shy, feminine and looking beautiful – am i pale, do i need to put make up on, was or is  that gesture appropriate? I think how i hit the notes right is far reachable goal to fix than how I would look in front of a rolling camera.

Funny how a video of us can make us want to kick ourselves sometimes. 

I admire JourneyMan’s honesty. While I am worried with how I look and project, he is more concerned with how a video of himself mirrors his mechanical tendencies when talking to other people.





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