Read Up Project 8: The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things


photo courtesy of wikipedia. the book i read didnt have this cover but the title and, well, story i suppose is the same.

the story started out far from being wholesome. it got me looking over my shoulder 1.) to see if anyone is looking at me and 2.) to see if anyone can really affirm me that the book really is starting that way and that it is not a messed up copy. No wonder it got banned as per wikipedia’s research. It was that same notion when i was watching Game of Thrones first season. The story ia graphic or boldly descriptive that it is very unlikely for you to not get a picture. I think the author did pretty well in, when banned,  trying to openly portray the as is of the teeangers nowadays.

The story started there but the story did not stay there. it zoomed in and out of Virginia’s life – every bit of it. and with every snapshot i bet anyone will be able to relate. the author painted out not only teenagers but also family, society and all the other things that wrap around relationships and lives.

The silent killer – not talking about issues and waiting for it to just die down just broke me down. Specially when Virginia and her Dad made a pact that betwee  them, they will start communicating.

it is a nice book. not entirely taking sides on which character should be voted for as good guy or bad guy but simply portraying life as it is as humanly as possible. this is one piece of a family guide.


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