It’s That Time Again

Rain is drizzling outside ( the time when thd draft of this writeup was first conceived. Currently it’s scary outside already)My ears are peaked and attentive to any change in the heaviness of the pitter patter of th drops. We are awaiting Glenda’s anger. Glenda is another typhoon coming in to our country’s area of responsibility. Just last week me and my friends had to check in to a nearby hotel because we cannot risk going through the skyway only to find out that our exit is already a wide river of murky water impassable by even my Hummer. Yes, I’m kidding about the Hummer. That time, there was no storm. It was just a simple seasonal rain.
And that raised concerned questions to everyone’s head here. If that happens even on during the regular rain, how much more water are we expecting if there is a storm?
I guess Glenda, eavesdropping on the silent thoughts of the Filipinos decided to give our questions a little picture. Right this very moment, it’s already making its presence felt in the Bicol region. The news on TV are active in giving us updates. Twiiter is up trending #GlendaPH. I would want #PrayforPhilippines up there again. We haven’t recovered from the earthquake before Yolanda and Yolanda herself. And by nature’s cycle we are at the season to be receiving buckets full of water – thousands of it – rapidly being poured on our provinces and cities.
As autumn last year is never the same as this year’s, we can liken this one to a lot of other times we’ve been greeted by nasty typhoons but we know there is no fingerprint to that. We can only be prepared and cooperate with our local government when it’s time to move – our part.

AND PRAY TO GOD spare the lives of our loved ones, friends and friends of friends and families of friends of friends.
.. to provide for means to recover soonest
… to keep faith
… to hold on and trust that despite all these and no matter how hard it is to imagine and grasp, He is God.

May HIS WILL be done.


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