What NOT To Read

36“But of that day and hour no one knows,
not even the angels of heaven,
but My Father only.
37“But as the rdays of Noah were, so also will the
coming of the sSon of Man be.
38“For as in the days before the flood,
they were eating and drinking,
marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah
entered the ark,
39“and did not know until the flood
and took them all away,
so also will the ccoming of the Son of Man be.
Matthew 24:36-39

Funny how circumstances play out. This verse is not exactly a comfortable piece to be reading specially now that typhoon Glenda is currently strolling its way down our skies and grounds like a boss. It happened that it is in the book I am currently reading – God’s Story, Your Story by Max Lucado. I found out I cannot do anything under state that we are in – power outage, strong winds and crazy-gloomy-scary-if-i-will-admit situation. If I read from my phone, I’ll just drain it out. So I decided to pick a book from my stash of “almost halfway through”. And this is exactly the story where I left off – when Max was just tackling the coming of our Heavenly Dad.
I think it’s no accident that I am able to be typing on this tablet about it. As much as we would like to be soft about the reality of things to come, sometimes we have to lay it down as it is, too. Some people may doubt what the verse meant, but nonetheless, it is already happening. The unpredictable weather we are in and that we cannot be prepared for no matter how high tech our tech stuff are, we still come short to being prepared. I think it would be worse on that day that the Son of Man is coming back. Today we prepare because we are warned. But that day, most would probably be too damn happy to even care even if they are warned.
This is exactly what we do not want to read at a time when it may be close to happening. But when is the proper time to read and understand and ask for wisdom on these things? We do not even pay attention to His word whether it is given to us sugar-coated or bold-faced, in good circumstances or in bad. Maybe just maybe if we break from our “if I don’t think about it, it will not happen” mindset, we will be paying attention. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too late.
On the end of those who knew and understood, may we be able to fight through the crazy mindset and may the Holy Spirit lead us to those who are already ready to understand.


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