Quiet My Heart

As though the pain in the previous post is not enough, i found myself in a healthy, sort of harmless, partly good-to-know conversation. Unfortunately, the topic or object of the conversation is a friend of mine.

i have always found it rude to label a person as gay or lesbian long before they realize they are one. Specially when they aren’t. Unless the person harrassed me at some point or another, i see no reason in feasting over the person’s preference just because they do not fit the norm.

i have always found it disrespectful also when people mind too much about how others prefer to project themselves by the way they dress up and label them also as unlovely.

i feel for my two friends who i was not able to defend at all in that dinner table.

i never liked people who talks a lot about how things should have been rightly done when they themselves aren’t quite at par. it is most irritating when you were the first to recognize these things, but you stop yourself from labeling because you know it would not be fair at all and it is not right. And then these people come up  and voice out their own prejudice about you  and others without any reservation or hesitation.

But moving slightly away from the scene of the conversation, i praise God. For letting me know how obsessed people are about the norm and how insecure they are with those who break it.

Through this i painfully recognized a portion of what Jesus said on the cross. Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing

From a zoomed out lense, though it was hard, i recognize His message of loving both the normal and those who bend the “normal”. In this lifetime, neither will give up their silly posts. One would always think they know better about the other but not about themselves.

i pray good rest despite the painful reality.
i praise God for this opportunity to stay still.

But i do hope He quiets my heart.rightly.


5 thoughts on “Quiet My Heart

    1. Thanks @joatmon14! the hardest part is to unthink of the pain. i even got lost in the middle of the flight and fight response.

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