my introversion and breakfast with the social media.guilty.

i am a true, full-blooded introvert plus a loner. i would definitely love some alone time and a lot of times i isolate myself from large groups. A lot of times. But that doesn’t mean i push all kinds of social interaction. admittedly though, i do find the need to interact sometimes as regularly as i find the need to be alone. both are essential depending on my terms (or mood).

there is something about technology that destroys connection yet rebuilds it in a different platform.

Just a few hours ago, my aunties were bound to go back to the province early. My temporary car plate says i should not be on the road after 7am. In a normal sense of etiquette and social graces, i should have been able to eat the early breakfast with my folks and my aunts.

but no, i decided to sleep a little longer. we may have had the chance to say farewell but i did not dine with them. instead, after they went to the airport, i prepped for work and went to the fast food chain near my workplace.

tray in hand,
a big excited smile on my face,
i sat down on a long table,
took my phone out,
took a picture of my set breakfast..


and there my breakfast with the social media started.

it was amusing when i review it. but at the same time, even my socially sour mood, disapproved of the whole picture. but it was an entertaining observation of the downslide of real interaction.


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