Read Up Project…… additional


Normally, I only recommend books AFTER i read them. But this book confronts me from the beginning that i can feel the lashes of truth for every single word Tripp uses. And I would be posting mad in Facebook and might regret doing that after if i don’t start sharing it here instead.

“God is working overtime to rescue you from yourself.”

From today’s part of my reading, this is the only quote i feel I can share without the feel of revealing too much of what i fear about relationships (platonic and familial since i never really had any other relationships to benchmark the experiences with).

This book came so timely i find myself wanting to cry out in forgiveness – from God and from other people i intentionally hurt, unintentionally hurt.

This is another side of grace that slaps me in my face and embraces me after:

I am a sinner saved by grace. I know grace and have received immeasureable serving of grace.

But i can never be in a position of no longer needing grace. Grace cannot be served “at just a right amount”.

it is meant to overflow.
I am called to bathe in it.

I am a sinner saved by grace WITH other sinners in need of the same measure of grace daily anyway. I do not have a one-up against an unsaved sinner.

This book (i am barely halfway) is one book that God used to file blunt the horns growing on my forehead when it comes to my horizontal interaction.

I may say it is a painful book. but if we will take the focals used by God in seeing other people, i think this book can be an embrace to most.

God bless you, Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane!


people build walls … i bang my head on one


image source: Googled Up

So we all know and have chewed this somehow truth for a long time now. We have built walls ourselves and have had it torn down by caring peeps. The demolition project usually comes unnoticed. Some walls seem to simply deteriorate from its purpose on its own and, voila! the caring peeps are on the other side.

Now that we have all this understanding about walls…. does anyone really have any article or wisdom on : when is it actually time to break the walls these people we care about have built around themselves? much less when do we start climbing it? when does “i care so much that i am willing to break your wall” should be communicated?

I am banging my head on a wall right now.