Nuts, Bolts and loose Screws


Enjoying the long vacay, i grabbed the yuke to play some songs upon waking up. i played few tunes and tried to croak out words in tune (hopefully). The yuke is new so the nylon strings lose their tune from time to time. The person who gave it to me told me about it so checking on the strings’ tune was already a routine.

When i got tired trying to do You’ve Got A Friend, I decided it was time for breakfast. i was about to get out of the bed when i saw the washer and the nut.

I stared at it shocked. I was curing myself from unhappy thoughts over what happened before vacay with music. When i saw them, I thought my head lost some screws – funnily literally.

It felt like for a moment that i was staring at them, they¬† were staring back with a smug smile saying, “oh yeah you screwed up”. i tried to fix it only to give up after few more tries. i resolved i need help to fix it.

As far as there was a shocking feeling on how these circumstances get weaved up that the external things connive to project whats inside your psyche is rather funnny, that shook me out of my musing on past “screw ups”. Thank God for His humor.

All screw ups just need time, proper tool, and yes, a little help as well.

Thank you 2014, your last days are a little fable-ous or was it parable-ous.


2014 .. and beyond

I’m not one for resolutions. I’ve even knocked over my bucket list dozen times. I just pick it up every once in a while just to have “something” to share for when it’s socially needed.

2014 is an odd year for me. It started out really well. But i guess things fade naturally.

I’m not one to go with changes easily – but I face it rather strongly the way I know it – solo.

I’m not one also healthy for raw conversations on confrontations. Most of the time, I hurt and will hurt people around me once i speak my thoughts. So I’d rather keep it to myself. All these, after all, will naturally fade. May I just plug in, though, that this is not a lesson I learned from the book.. Matter of fact, the book encourages to pursue a relationship (platonic and beyond of course) despite the truth of the pain in any relationships there could be. But I don’t develop over night. I retreat when pain is real.

But for what fades out I am doing hands off. It seems that the tighter you try to hold the fine sands in your hand, the faster ¬†they all seem to fall off. I guess it’s better to sit back and watch the sands fall from my hands and be grateful for who and what and which ones chose to hang on.

I am yet to wrap up blessing and woes and tie them up in a bundle of prayer.

A prayer of thankfulness for whatever blessing and woes I may have had this year is a sure first aid kit I may need in the next journey.

Besides there’s the hormones to consider, my psyche and sure my EQ.