2014 .. and beyond

I’m not one for resolutions. I’ve even knocked over my bucket list dozen times. I just pick it up every once in a while just to have “something” to share for when it’s socially needed.

2014 is an odd year for me. It started out really well. But i guess things fade naturally.

I’m not one to go with changes easily – but I face it rather strongly the way I know it – solo.

I’m not one also healthy for raw conversations on confrontations. Most of the time, I hurt and will hurt people around me once i speak my thoughts. So I’d rather keep it to myself. All these, after all, will naturally fade. May I just plug in, though, that this is not a lesson I learned from the book.. Matter of fact, the book encourages to pursue a relationship (platonic and beyond of course) despite the truth of the pain in any relationships there could be. But I don’t develop over night. I retreat when pain is real.

But for what fades out I am doing hands off. It seems that the tighter you try to hold the fine sands in your hand, the faster  they all seem to fall off. I guess it’s better to sit back and watch the sands fall from my hands and be grateful for who and what and which ones chose to hang on.

I am yet to wrap up blessing and woes and tie them up in a bundle of prayer.

A prayer of thankfulness for whatever blessing and woes I may have had this year is a sure first aid kit I may need in the next journey.

Besides there’s the hormones to consider, my psyche and sure my EQ.


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