simple yet true


and so the fifty shades breezed by our nation. without much more controversy. writeups stacked up my facebook page with why people should and should be careful about materials like it.

i really would not be surprised if a lot of people watched the movie just to 1.) know what’s in it and 2.) if it would be as graphic as the book.

but among everything else that is related to it, i saw and was affirmed that we are living in a blind world with us people simply wanting to be “cool” in the crowd. Im surprised and yet also glad that none of the pro-ers trashed the people who are “not into” watching the movie. Not everyone will understand the principle behind subliminal participation leading to patronizing what would otherwise be coined as disturbing and sick had the hero in the book been packaged in a different coating.

9gag may have lots of short gags. but this one… is no question a humorously not  laughing matter .. it is humorously truthful and socially and should at least tickle some sense somewhere in the crevices of our socially double-standard brains.


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