Rumor has it


If you’ve dreamed about it and you see it being cooked up, do you still call it a deja vu?

About a week ago i dreamed i was with a group of friends somehow near a body of water (im pretty sure it was an ocean or something) and then planes started flying over us and then there were bombings. We are at war somehow.

The dream bothered me. The dream is odd since i havent really been paying attention to the news lately. I come home uber late and drained to even think of anything else but getting rest.

And then the next days after the dream, these news seemed to buildup a momentum.

“….there would be rumors of war….”

============photo credit details=============
ANC 24/7
May 26 at 7:00pm
Japan to join US, Australia war games amid growing China tensions

(Photo via Reuters)


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