In Between the Quarter and the Middle

I so thought the quarter life crisis will not show its phase or face until the next quarter which i am anticipating as the normal human being’s Midlofe Crisis.

I am set for starting June by reflecting on things that happened in a year from when i started being the version 3.1 of me. As of writing, i still have less than five hours left to think of 13 things to ask myself to help in regaining focus and balance. BY FAR, i intend to scratch out “what do i want to do?” but i simply cannot because it seems that it’s the bottom line of all the other questions i want to put focus on instead:
1.) How am i at work? If im not doing this work what do i do in place of it?
2.) Can i say i have had enough trying the industry and its the start of another? But what would i want to do that i can confidently say it is what i want?
3.) Do i move? Where to? And when i get there…. what do ido?

Then comes the lifelong question since we girls started noticing boys….

4.) Where is he? If he is missing, do i intend to proactively find him and when i do, what would i want to do?

See… all else falls to the same question.
And it all came flashing it at the same time the cracks in my brain are agreeing with Solomon…

Meaningless meaningless everything is meaningless!


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