Hold tight….
We are on a flight…
Let me be your wing
Until you gain your might

Flap slowly
And heal completely
Wipe your tears
And you will be ready

In a little while
When you find your smile
Slowly loosen your grip
And trust mine

Spread your wing
Be lifted by the wind
Soar smoothly
Lift up your chin

When time is right
My grip will no longer be tight
Enjoy the breeze
You will glide

Take flight
Be brave im on your side
Soar free
You can hold out any time

Let the wind carry you
Where you find yourself new
where only you can go
To live your truth

Distance is an illusion
You will fade into the horizon
The wind will carry me
To regain on my own

Our breezes will cross
Maybe in another bitter winter frost
Distance is an illlusion
I hope the most


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