The Regular and the Special

Sub. Under par. Ordinary. Regular.

Un-ordinary(if there is such a word). Special.

I really have no solid train of thought here. I am just tapping away on my phone keys. Just two words swimming in my head : Regular and Special.

Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind how a regular becomes too boring hence we look for something special? And yet both are in infinite loop.

A regular contains the consistency and integrity we want. But predictability tarnishes the comfortable regularity and we thirst for a little “umph”.  The special “umph”-esizes mystery – a gift wrapped in a curious wrapper. It teases the senses and constantly challenges the psyche to try. But it won’t be long until the consistent “umph” reaches its maximum and becomes ordinary – predictable if the rhythm is caught or a plain uncaring tease.

It becomes a regular.

If you want to be special …. try not to be regular.
But if you become consistently special you turn into a regular.

Everything has a shelf life.


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