Eenie Meenie Mayni Moe

I’m not sure i spelled that right.

So here I am in a coffee shop trying to re-collect myself. It’s been a really long time since i have found the time and urge to really sit down, chill by myself and do a little re-collecting. It’s hard these days. If it is not the television, it’s instagram, facebook and twitter (rarely the television, really) that takes my time away from getting a little woooozah.

So i was browsing.. ahem… facebook and saw a tag line from one of the picture post : “WHEN THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU.” Being very far from consisitent in taking daily altar time outs, I do feel like the odds are against me these days. I have questions.

I decided to read on.

When I read the verses highlighted below:

Judges 7

And my mind just blew up saying, “NOT FAIR!”  Just immediately though, i stopped and laughed at myself. In my mind, had it been that God was clear to us now as He was before, the questions hanging in my head would be oh so easily resolved. But no. The clearest instruction He gives is to “Keep calm.” which is not easy.

“Stay still”. . .

SO there.. did I get the whole passage? No. Which shows just how distracted I am with my thoughts that I never got to really understand what the verse has to say to me.

And right now….  I just got the chance to look around and it seems I am the only one in the coffee shop.

Gotta go. Re-collect again maybe tomorrow.


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