Katniss and Bella

On my way home after watching the much-awaited MOCKING JAY, I had one thought bothering me : What is with Bella (the girl from Twilight) and Katniss playing with two loves? It’s amusing and annoying at the same time.

I was annoyed that they seem to be promoting that it’s ok to be “committed” and still be considering other guys. It’s so…. making sure you have a spare tire. It’s never fair for either one. In all angles and regardless of the guilty gender, it is simply painful. BUT it’s current reality I guess then?

Who else felt that way? Was it just me?


One Word Two Thoughts

Communication has been a curiosity to me lately.We think that “language barrier” means not being able to understand what the other person is saying because they are using their native language which is not your native language.

When I started taking up French classes  and told my friends about it, one friend commented that he hated computer programming when we were in college because he does not adapt well to learning new languages. Connecting French and Computer language may seem funny at that time but he explained that most of the time, we blame logic but really it is language barrier that makes us misunderstand things.

And the thought made me realize the same is true even if we are using the same language. This happens even in our everyday work. Business-wise we use English so everyone will be able to understand but somehow middle of the project we realize that although we do use the same language it seems that misunderstanding will still occur.

And this personal project that I am up to made me laugh. For something so simple as a rolling pin, I found it really hard to draw the rolling pin used for baking so I thought what else could a rolling pin look like…?Screenshot_2015-11-08-13-30-01

I did not do any better justice to the thing but it did make me laugh.. i came up with this:


The blind leads the unblind

It is quite a queer moment
When one gropes in the dark
And another is enlightened
There is a sweet delight in being blind.
There is misery when eyes are opened.
There is peace in the loud laughters of night
But endless screams of pain when brought to light

Light passes thru eternity
Dark lingers for the time being
Sooner or later one or the other will prevail