Solo Road Trip 1: La Union (Day Two)

I wasn’t able to add more in the entry yesterday. So far, no rainbows. It is rather gloomy still and really cloudy. The waves were wild yesterday. We’ll see today if i can snag time to surf -wave permitting, that is.

The travel to here was crazy. it took me around 7 hours – left manila around 7:30am; gassed up and left for the road for real at 8:05-ish; got stuck exiting the metro; stopped over till 10am-ish in Bulacan; drove with only lay-by stops (just to experience it) all the way to The Little Surfmaid. The traffic was heavy probably because most people are going up to Baguio for the long weekend plus the Penagbenga festival that I am YET to experience.

Thanking God for the safekeeping, the moment I checked in and dropped my bags, i went out to walk, shoot and FIND FOOD. I was famished. Went to other resort for a late lunch. I also checked out Flotsam and Jetsam – the place i will be moving accommodations to later. Pretty neat that place. Went to El Union Cafe to try their s’mores. There IS no stramger in La Union. I had to share the HUGE serving of s’mores. It is, after all, for sharing. Through the s’mores  I got to talk to people who were hanging out at the bar. Unfortunately, i cannot remember their names. THAT is so me.

Went back to Flotsam for the open movie. So far, i enjoyed the chill moment. That was my first open space movie since The Jesus Film. I had to end the night earlier than everyone else. I felt the toll of the travel getting on me. I wanted BED. So I went back to prep for the ultimate reason why i threw myself finally on a long trip north  SOLO – to get my thoughts together, lay it before God and get the healing i need. So i can get back on track.






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