Solo Road Trip 1: La Union

Been dreaming of this time. I finally got the courage to drive North to La Union.

Left the house at 7:30am. I went out to get cash near the Shell station where i fueled up to 700php of nitro plus. Let us see how much Nikki will consume.

At 7:54am i was cruising taft avenue. Traffic is heavy and almost unmoving along A. Bonifacio Ave. Time check, 8:50am with a full bladder. My planned stopover is not till an hour away. A/C is off for now.

It is rather a gloomy day. I am not complaining because on other glorious sunny days, around this time of 8:52am the sun will be beating really hard and will hurt my eyes a bit. So this is good.

Besides a bit of rain is a promise of a rainbow. I am crossing my fingers for a rainbow – God willing. Not only for this day but for the whole time i will be spending the weekend in La Union.

I hope to find God’s smile and peace after this trip. I am disconnected and disorganized in every way possible i needed this time out.


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