Read Up Project 11: Charis

Scandalous it was.

I admire the author’s gut to relay the thought of grace in an uncensored way. It grasps humanity and its need for the Savior. It pictured God’s love far greater and beyond our imagination.

I felt affirmed, blessed and truly loved by a great big wonderful God.

It’s a definitely MUST READ.


Read Up Project 10: Make Someone’s Moment

You know how they say, “the way to happiness is to make someone else happy”? or something to that line? this book opens up options to readers to do just that. I admit it took me awhile to appreciate the book but it did get better approaching the end.

“Take a chance! Make a connection. Put a smile on someone’s face. And put a smile on your own face! The more you make someone’s moment, the more you’ll make your own.

What are you waiting for?”


Read Up Project 6: Brokenness (The heart that God heals)

Finally got to finish the thin book. For such a small book .. it contains a loadful of heart-checking truths. i had to set it aside for a while to gnaw and chew what it was saying, what my heart is saying and what God would want me to do.

For while my heart did get broken in some of the bullets I know there are far more issues my God will use as I continue to still take things in.

this book check on the pride we build for ourselves. that kind of pride that makes us think we’re alright and high and makes us think we are not in need of healing.

this book also made me aware that not everyone who i see as “a-ok” is really a-ok. it’s more than just an eye opener. This one brings you to a level of wanting to keep in fellowship with everyone and pray for them as well.

This one came I think at just the right time -this very season when God is opening my heart to check on myself and be able to accomodate someone else’s humanity. This among the many other reads.

I praise God for this book.

Read Up Project 5: Parang Kayo Pero Hindi

some good and  light reads i snuck-queued in between my major reads: Parang Kayo Pero Hindi. Collection of typical stories that though predictable and “same same” makes you smile anyway… and most of the time… laugh.

treading project 2014 book #5 : CHECK!


i heard there’s another book out from this same author. This time for singles. I have to read that.

Read Up Project 4: The Single Woman


Mandy Hale is indeed a blessing – and a timely one indeed. This is one woman who found her calling to be single for now a powerful standpoint to encourage other people who may be battling with their esteems just because their fingers aren’t entangled with their “better half”.  Real, practical and acknowledging God along the way – my kind of real-life writeups.

Now that I found a book with an affirmation that our society has a screwed-up perception on singlehood, I am looking for writeups of people who hasn’t have, in their entire life, found or thought they found their husband-to-be. Any suggestions?

out of space out of time.

out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of time.
out of time.
out of time.
. . .This line ” out of space out of time” was from the book by Michael Connelly. it was a quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

In Connelly’s book it was used as a suicide note by an investigator whose assignment became too much for him.

Currently I am investigating a bloody UAT issue. and as the clock tick I I feel I AM running out of time.

my head is getting clogged with all the mix of paranoia, negative thoughts, encouraging words, life’s-not-all-work stuff and it IS running out of space.

The two suicides in Connelly’s book used their own weapons totake their lives. The only thing I am far from relating to the character is taking the mouse I am using, placing it inside my mouth and shooting inside my mouth with it.

Gory? and yes, untrue. but it’s definitely inside my head – the thoughts I meant.. not the mouse.