Everything to God in Prayer

What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!
Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
Oh, what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer!

Ok. So maybe there is this one thing that I have to go down on my knees for to really ask God for direction for.

In cruising to figuring out how to deal with platonic relationships, I guess i have that man on the cross to look up to. The man who was in pain, on the cross, shamed and abandoned by His everyday companions (yes, technically the term is “friends” .. but somehow my senses cannot put the term “friends” and “abandon” in one sentence) and yet see through the flaws of the fallen world in the eyes of grace and say,

“Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing”…

Could it be? Could it really be that the people you relate to do not actually know what their actions imply? And when their words portray a different lie? Do they not know how confusing their terms and conditions are?

Oh i pray that my eyes will see in the same spectrum of grace – that i may still love,care and be compassionate until He takes me home.

I tap on that privilege in this relationship with my God that i CAN come to Him with all the shattered pieces of what I know, so He can tell me what He has in mind.


Read Up Project 11: Charis

Scandalous it was.

I admire the author’s gut to relay the thought of grace in an uncensored way. It grasps humanity and its need for the Savior. It pictured God’s love far greater and beyond our imagination.

I felt affirmed, blessed and truly loved by a great big wonderful God.

It’s a definitely MUST READ.

Drop Me Anywhere, Anytime

Ok… Let’s do another DPPrompt shall we… 

Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Reading the prompt, my mind raced through the list of my fears:

  • Heights
  • Snakes
  • Spiders

Those are just on top of my head. I doubt I really fear snakes but I just felt like putting it there. Spiders. .only when they are really huge and hairy.

Oh my gosh! How can I forget: Flying Roaches! That one thing that I know even macho guys start screaming like ladies when these naughty pests start flying over your head!

But I really see no difference in my life if I would be living without fear of the things that I wrote above. My summer adventures have led me to face my fear of heights every once in a while. I jump off cliffs and into the blue deep waters of the sea or even the water falls. That was ecstatically really fun.

Now, IF I really really really really really really (yes I meant to really write really many time) would fantasize on something that I know deep in my gut I am fearful of and for a moment make it real  – it would be me walking around our neighbourhood and fearlessly…

1.)   Being able to walk up to anyone and strike up conversation (I am a socially inconsistent person. I am a swinging introvert and extrovert depending on … well… my hormones. .. I think)

2.)   The conversation will and should be one that is really connecting (a lot of times I do not have a problem with this. Whenever I talk to people it usually leads to a deep and personal conversation)

3.)   I would be able to lead the conversation to the cross… (this is not usually a topic I bring up voluntarily. Sometimes it’s them who leads the conversation I am normally just a person putting in bits and pieces of the fact surrounding God’s plan, His love, our humanity and our sinfulness, the consequence of our sins and God’s resolution ,etcetera)

I’ve always had the fear (there I finally placed the finger on the proper paragraph) of choking people with God-talk. If I am entirely incapable of feeling this fear, I definitely would have a better life. Because I know that I myself would be seeing more of God if I simply can “JUST OBEY”.


Read Up Project 6: Brokenness (The heart that God heals)

Finally got to finish the thin book. For such a small book .. it contains a loadful of heart-checking truths. i had to set it aside for a while to gnaw and chew what it was saying, what my heart is saying and what God would want me to do.

For while my heart did get broken in some of the bullets I know there are far more issues my God will use as I continue to still take things in.

this book check on the pride we build for ourselves. that kind of pride that makes us think we’re alright and high and makes us think we are not in need of healing.

this book also made me aware that not everyone who i see as “a-ok” is really a-ok. it’s more than just an eye opener. This one brings you to a level of wanting to keep in fellowship with everyone and pray for them as well.

This one came I think at just the right time -this very season when God is opening my heart to check on myself and be able to accomodate someone else’s humanity. This among the many other reads.

I praise God for this book.


“I want to live where the face of God shines everyday” – A.W. Tozer

I was trying to look for another reading material for just a shot at maybe being able to catch the sand from the sandman. From where I was sitting I can see my stash of books and found one color that caught my attention . Of course, it is blue! I pulled it out from under five more books or so and wiped the few dusts builsdup on its sides. It was one of the books I got from my monthly impulse buying.

The book had an interesting title and it did get me wondering about the attributes of the God the author knows and maybe compare it with what I understand about the attributes of God.

I opened the book from where i left a post it strip as a book mark months ago. it was opened jn the introduction page. Tozer had a strong introduction about the book that my breath became shorter and my brain cells started to actively evaluate whether the author is taking things too seriously or am I not taking things seriously when I should. He was so particular about the decline of proper addressing and recognition of God and how it, in his words, made Christianity lose its dignity. Few more flips of the pages and I was finally onto cbapter 1. Deciding that the book is a heavy read for an ungodly hour, I decided to close it and set it aside for now.

The particular quote above caught my attention before I finished the introduction. I found my heart agreeing that it is so that I want as well. Remembering the strong words used by the author about the current generation’s expression of worship, made me think twice if Tozer and I had the same understanding of his quote.

For me, I know one place where I know God’s face is aglow and I feel it and it is definitely not in the city but in the places where I nature travel. Going back to nature always always always make me feel that God is so close .

I think though that Tozer was pertaining to a certain elevation as a place. Reverence. Respect. I think Tozer wa pinpointing that we are giving God less of what He really deserves as GOD.

keyword: although

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this can be cross-referenced with james 2:19. I think by now any civilization have heard of God and stories of His Son. Most have perfected obedience to keeping the Sabbath (at whichever day in the week they think it’s best to place Sabbath) holy and the rest of the week otherwise. And that is exactly a flat out painful truth : we know someone from down the street in the neighbor and not entirely care as long as their principles dont clash or coincide with ours. WE know God and yet not exactly give the proper attention, reverence and respect fitting for a god. What’s even more bothersome is that in James 2:19, the devil believes there is a God and they tremble… but we civilized and intellectual physical beings know there is a God but we neither tremble nor give honor.

Flat out truth.