The Age of Mashed Up Fairytales

and sooooo… me and a friend watched “into the woods”…

..i saw Cinderella, jack and the bean stalk, little red hungry riding hood, rapunzel, etcetera.

I’m waiting for my entertainment to die down. But i think that is gonna take a while. It was entertaining but too musical.

It’s like watching “the Librarians” plus that “once upon a time” in big screen.

There is something about the movie i cannot quite put into words …

It showed a lot of humanity. The blame game happening in the middle of the woods is familiar.

…The enchantment of seizing the moment and getting that one time bliss when you know any moment you can die is amusing.

….The warning to be careful how you do things and say things because children may not always obey but they listen

…. That part where you are well on your way to becoming what you don’t plan to be …

made me say, “oh, hey!” … just because i am musing about these things lately.

…The propensity of humanity to plan and fail.. to wish and unwish… to take chances.. to be greedy…. to be torn between doing the right and the good…

if you ask me it is not a thing for kids but it will be things that they will know anyway. and it is not fairytale. it is current enveloped in the familiar clothing of “happy ever afters”.

“i was raised to be charming not sincere” is a nice line that made me snicker but also think. that is one line no one will admit vocally.

“sometimes people leave you halfway through the woods” will stick to my mind cause it is true.

The final exchanges of line in the almost-the-end part is, by far, i think the farthest from fairytale but that with wisdom. This line may be clear:

“Sometimes people leave you.
Halfway through the wood.
Others may deceive you.
You decide whats good.”

But the rest of the exchanges encourages one to be brave in making a decision/s. the exchanges go..

people make mistakes
but do decide
you are not alone.

you are not alone because everyone else makes their own mistakes.

we learn along the way.

The songs aren’t sing-along-able though.
the values/views/morals in the story was thick. packaging it in a twisted familiar “happily ever after” is a wise way to soften messages while driving it home.