out of space out of time.

out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of space out of time.
out of time.
out of time.
out of time.
. . .This line ” out of space out of time” was from the book by Michael Connelly. it was a quote from Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

In Connelly’s book it was used as a suicide note by an investigator whose assignment became too much for him.

Currently I am investigating a bloody UAT issue. and as the clock tick I I feel I AM running out of time.

my head is getting clogged with all the mix of paranoia, negative thoughts, encouraging words, life’s-not-all-work stuff and it IS running out of space.

The two suicides in Connelly’s book used their own weapons totake their lives. The only thing I am far from relating to the character is taking the mouse I am using, placing it inside my mouth and shooting inside my mouth with it.

Gory? and yes, untrue. but it’s definitely inside my head – the thoughts I meant.. not the mouse.



The Ecology of My Workplace

Or should I say it is “The EGO-logy of my Workplace”? We all live in a system As a matter of fact, as per science, we are part of a certain ecosystem. It really is amusing how lately my life’s musing is about how what we learn in grade school is actually helpful later on in life. Bottom of the food chain. The appetizer. We hear of that statement or label usually pertaining to a state or position of being in the lowest  – the one who possesses the weakest position. What’s bigger than the food chain is the food web and all these interactions happen in one ecosystem.

Lone Crocodile
now DUCK! is entertaining!

more pics here: Clicks of a Second in a Frame (please like)   These were fun thoughts and amusing ones during grade school. I thought these things would be only happening in the wild….or in my high school project terrarium since I live in a city

Afternoon cityscape- Makati CBD

where no particular place would come as the perfect illustration and live show except for the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Lately though, I realized it’s either I am already  in the wild or in a big terrarium because I am feeling the food web lately. And looking at my surroundings, I slowly find myself agreeing that indeed I am experiencing the Ecology as it was thought by my science teacher. Aside from that, the skeleton of most of my interactions are actually an actuality to what science refers to as the relationship between  organisms in an ecosystem (Thank you, WIkipedia!). There are types of relationship in an ecosystem and it gets more and more interesting as you start to see how your relationship with others falls fit to each of the definition.In every workplace there would be predation and competition; another set would be mutualism,commensalism, amensalism, and parasitism. I work. I am an employee. I have a boss or bosses, who, depending on the mood,can sometimes be practicing one of the oppositional relationships. I am glad though that competition is rare in my workplace – or at least I’d like to think so. Symbiotic relationships are actually more rampant – at least in my workplace. As team players we all are in commensalism – we all benefit from each other and cause no harm. Then changes/pressure can transform this to ammensalism (wanting just to piss anyone just for the sake of pissing anyone) and parasitism – them people who suck your morale to boost theirs. But if you ask me, personal relationships aside, what lingers when everything else falls apart; when survival of the fittest builds the heat, what remains is the competition (which drags all the other symbiotic relationships) and predation. Predation is when we get hounded on and leaves a feeling of being eaten fresh by anyone around. Fresh meat and ego-busted.Competition is when everyone starts stepping up and over each other hoping to not be left at the bottom. The person that stays under gets eaten by the predator and even his competitors. Word!