What He Said

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

— Matthew 11:28 NKJV

In the world of “good vibes only”, we are sometimes unaware that the “positive” attitude can be a rash belittling or ignoring of ones’ emotional state. Now whether you are a person practicing your faith or not, the verse above may already be familiar with you. If not, I hope you find the words warm enough to hug you and pull you through one more night.

[Come to Me]Christ’s expression of how much He values intimacy is so deeply knitted to some of His words to the point that it gets hidden a bit.

Here, He specifically points to Himself. Nope. Not to anyone else but to Himself.

[all] Everyone. No society labels. Simply EVERYONE is invited.

[all you who labor and are heavy laden]

This is the part that tugs at my heart. To me this points out that Christ recognizes two things:

  • my fight, my battle, to some it’s struggle but closely used to someone who is giving birth, it’s “suffering” – labor;
  • and how it is weighing me down – heavy laden

At this point, there is no basis of validation whether the labor is miniscule or life-threatening. To Christ, if it is something that weighs you down, “come to Me”.

Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Aint’ that what a very tired soul needs? A REST. And that’s what He gives for people who come to Him. It may sound cliche to most but it is an invitation laid out to everyone and can be availed 24/7 (another cliche but it needs to be reiterated and be seen in an even more powerful light). It can be used and re-used.

The verse goes further with another invitation. But let us put that to part two.

For now, I pray you take comfort that in Christ, there is no belittling of pain.

Your pain is valid and real.

He recognizes it and would want to give you and your heart a rest. Take His offer, my friend by telling Him all that is weighing you down.


The Pinky Toe Pain, the Quick Toe Stub

All is well. Or it should be. Funny how a stab of pain can cripple your psyche for a moment. Although the rest of the body is ok, that one portion of pain seem to want a lot of attention. There is a saying in Filipino which translates to, the pain you feel on your small pinky toe is felt by the whole body.

I remember the last time i clumsily stubbed my pinky toe, the excruciating pain from the small part of my body was enough to make me weak. It took me sometime to recover from the pain and regain the pace of my walk.

Same is so true with other areas in our life right? No matter how small, or seemingly useless, as long as it is part of you or your system, the pain radiates through and through, weakens you for a moment that would make you hug yourselfjust to keep yourself together.

Although a lot of things are alright, when the pinky toe stub pain starts screaming,  you know you gotta ice it. Truly blessed is the one who’s got another soul to help them up if not to hold them warm, he will prepare the ice bag.

“Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Funny how i am led to study Ecclesiastes….

note to self: one source of ouch

Pain is not absent in this world. No matter how strong any man is, there is a threshold of tolerance in keeping pain managed. humanity. Some pain can be caused by external factors i.e. another human being. While some are caused by internal factors.

Today I learned that most pain we feel are self-inflicted. And most of these self-inflicted pain is also a result of the stack of decisions we did prior to when our senses finally said enough.

I am in pain – feeling neglected.

but it must partly be because i set myself up for it.

what was i thinking?

i was thinking maybe i could have at least had that slight chance of getting considered. Whats the proper word for it? considered that i could have been waiting and a word to tell me not to could have led me to a better decision to no longer wait. This is just lunch break by the way. So yeah it could be a small thing but somehow my feeling says it’s overwhelmingly recognizeable enough i had to engrave it in words.

there is just so much welling up from my heart and it is a battle of whether should i be angry or not.

should i communicate the pain but then what? build up another neglect on me?

how many times have i found myself in this position? and why am i not quick enough to save my own self from being placed in this similar situation?

well i guess, the fact that i simply cannot hold myself back from considering some people, the risk of which is that some will not be as considerate, is the reason why.

we always give a stab at trusting human beings to be as considerate when in fact,

some people would just be unaware of that…
some people may give a damn and some don’t

sometimes i give a damn and sometimes i don’t.

i guess i am just at the receiving end of the “dont”.