Read Up Project 8: The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things


photo courtesy of wikipedia. the book i read didnt have this cover but the title and, well, story i suppose is the same.

the story started out far from being wholesome. it got me looking over my shoulder 1.) to see if anyone is looking at me and 2.) to see if anyone can really affirm me that the book really is starting that way and that it is not a messed up copy. No wonder it got banned as per wikipedia’s research. It was that same notion when i was watching Game of Thrones first season. The story ia graphic or boldly descriptive that it is very unlikely for you to not get a picture. I think the author did pretty well in, when banned,  trying to openly portray the as is of the teeangers nowadays.

The story started there but the story did not stay there. it zoomed in and out of Virginia’s life – every bit of it. and with every snapshot i bet anyone will be able to relate. the author painted out not only teenagers but also family, society and all the other things that wrap around relationships and lives.

The silent killer – not talking about issues and waiting for it to just die down just broke me down. Specially when Virginia and her Dad made a pact that betwee  them, they will start communicating.

it is a nice book. not entirely taking sides on which character should be voted for as good guy or bad guy but simply portraying life as it is as humanly as possible. this is one piece of a family guide.


Read Up Project 7: Who Moved My Cheese

The book i think is nice. The message is great. The quotes are thougtful. The idea was delivered. But then again there is something about the story that made it quite dragging? i think the point of the book could have gotten through even if the story of the friends after the story was relayed to them was written off.
The book was recommended to me by a friend who got amused at how easily i worry about small changes that seem big to me. My type of change-dealing revolves around the characters’ A-mazing characters. Depending on the area, my reaction and gameplan  could be to wallow in it .. again depending on my hormones.

despite feeling the drag, will i recommend the book? Most likely. the important things are covered in more number of flattened trees compared to the dragging part.

Read Up Project 1: Looking for Alaska

20140227_010314So finally I have read one book for this year’s project! Yey. I have no exact number in mind of books to read I just have to read more than I read last year (if I really even finished up on one). The reason behind is that I know reading does give you a lot of learning. It also gives you a different sense of experience but not entirely moving your butt off your chair or spending a dime to get out of the house in search for an adventure.I think it’s a good investment too.

This I my second book by John Green and I say I like the way he revolves his stories around most characters that normally, we would depict as boring, sorry and nothing ordinary. His books are no fairy tale and it’s none too common also. But what makes it interesting is how he makes a story out of a nerd (here) and out of the lives of cancer patients (The Fault in Our Stars).

This one is a true honest (and a little conservative, I think still) at showing how college is  – pranks, separation from parents, surviving the social expectations, being bullied, struggling with grades while having fun, violating the rules and suffering the consequences once caught. What’s remarkable is the bond of friendship; the central focus on life, our questions and our journey; camaraderie, forgiveness and existence. John Green painted his opinion on life in the life of four or five different characters each one uniquely touched each others’ but mainly by the character of Alaska.

How do we get out of this labyrinth?

In search for my great perhaps…

These are just two of the striking lines in the book that had me questioning myself with HOW DO WE GET OUT OF THIS LABYRINTH?

The latter just an encouragement and justification as to why I’ve always wanted to travel and connect with people outside my familial bonds.

Partly I agree with the last part. I do not want this labyrinth to end Straight and Fast.I’m not in a rush. I want to enjoy the labyrinth as it was meant to be and go collect experiences of all the great perhaps that I will be deciding to take on.

I liked their friendship. Kind of made me think of  “if I die in an accident, would my friends start wanting to know why?” or “if I do it on purpose, would they care to seek for what’s going on in my head?”

Everything that comes together falls apart.

Striking thought. Horrific to some extent and maybe morbid if you’re thinking of death. But for me it was just factual. We will all fall apart some time and some day and the cycle continues. We fall apart and find ourselves back together again.

I believe, though that in this cycle of coming together and falling apart, at some point God is waiting for us to finally agree with Him on our need for Him so that from then on, our coming together is for our breaking of character and our falling apart becomes the test and rebuilding of our character – until such time that we have found ourselves ending our labyrinth back to the paradise we once lost – shared with Him.


Nope. This entry will definitely not reach the usual five hundred words. I can choose to put this in my other blogs but sometimes some things in our cyber life we have to practice precaution. Any message delivered via the network can produce all kinds of speculation.

It has always amazed me that the person we know as Jesus Christ lived a life that is so controversial because He does break all the ideals of a justice-deliverer.

The pharisees and the normal men seem to always have had this barrier of who is filthy and who is not. And Christ’s stories and parables would always shame the proud onlookers and embrace the unproud with healing and hope.

Them who have had access to His words seemed to have take it to a legalistic application while those who seldom did and mostly just listened seem to be more convicted of their sins and are repentant.

It has been a confirmation and affirmation to me lately – that no matter how much you know, you cannot be boastful about it, hence,  let pride seep in to your veins.  Another affirmation is that even though one person may not have had the longest time spent reading the word time will come when they will be arrested by the story of the cross, see themselves, grab the grace and have far better progress as a Christian than that of those who declare themselves knowledgeable.  But you cannot excuse yourself from not knowing or getting the chance to know. If you are living in a free country it is one opportunity God gave you to be in tune with Him.

Pharisee or bystander, the Lord knows only and cares only not of what we know – but what we are willingly, with our hearts want to be changed and what else he would teach us.

Psalms 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

I don’t think He is pertaining to those who were romantically brokenhearted.

Quoted image came from Brokenness: The Heart That God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss