“I want to live where the face of God shines everyday” – A.W. Tozer

I was trying to look for another reading material for just a shot at maybe being able to catch the sand from the sandman. From where I was sitting I can see my stash of books and found one color that caught my attention . Of course, it is blue! I pulled it out from under five more books or so and wiped the few dusts builsdup on its sides. It was one of the books I got from my monthly impulse buying.

The book had an interesting title and it did get me wondering about the attributes of the God the author knows and maybe compare it with what I understand about the attributes of God.

I opened the book from where i left a post it strip as a book mark months ago. it was opened jn the introduction page. Tozer had a strong introduction about the book that my breath became shorter and my brain cells started to actively evaluate whether the author is taking things too seriously or am I not taking things seriously when I should. He was so particular about the decline of proper addressing and recognition of God and how it, in his words, made Christianity lose its dignity. Few more flips of the pages and I was finally onto cbapter 1. Deciding that the book is a heavy read for an ungodly hour, I decided to close it and set it aside for now.

The particular quote above caught my attention before I finished the introduction. I found my heart agreeing that it is so that I want as well. Remembering the strong words used by the author about the current generation’s expression of worship, made me think twice if Tozer and I had the same understanding of his quote.

For me, I know one place where I know God’s face is aglow and I feel it and it is definitely not in the city but in the places where I nature travel. Going back to nature always always always make me feel that God is so close .

I think though that Tozer was pertaining to a certain elevation as a place. Reverence. Respect. I think Tozer wa pinpointing that we are giving God less of what He really deserves as GOD.