Day 6 of 366 : Smile and Head Bob on my Own

There is that one time.. there is that first time. 



I never thought i would really try. But my curiosity with a load full of frustration and anger prodded me to think that the plan was a good idea. After crying my eyes out and screaming inside my car to let off some steam and just pour out my heart to Jesus,  I decided I cannot come home yet because it’s too early. I wanted a bit of peace. I wanted a bit of a chill out. The beauty of living in the google-era, I got to know which places I may want to hangout. I am longing for a little cove. A hideout. In case I needed a place to recuperate and get my head straight. I am hoping for a high place overlooking the city or whichever field . But I doubt I will get that that night. My heart settled for one of the music bars I’ve been trying to find someone to tag along.

After the belt out in the car and my eyes a bit puffed, I asked God to get me to do something that will make me smile and calm down. Or simply get busy. What a better way to start what I just read that morning which suggests that there is gold in people watching, eavesdropping, etcetera.

I was sure I wanted music. I wanted less crowd. Except that I was by myself. But so what, right? So I went.

It was a hump day. Not even a pay out day so I was sure it would be less crowded and I was right. No door charge. Finding a seat was not hard because one of the waitresses approached me  and asked if i wanted a seat. I told her it is for one and I want to be seated in a discreet place – where the chances of me being spotted all by myself in such a setting by someone I know is very slim. She placed me on the side. I ordered a bar chow of cheese sticks and strawberry mojito. I was just there to chill. The place is dim which is perfect in case another tear rolls down my cheeks.

A band was setting up on the stage. I did not check who is performing that night and I have conditioned myself to accept that it coud be somee indie band. But no it was not! it was a famous local band.- Side A. I was stoked!

I liked the songs they sang. I enjoyed the night that way. I was thankful for the non-obligated chitchat even for strangers. I was barely even looking around. I was checking my phone and playing something that I am recently hooked on. It was relaxing…



S0 I learned that that bar I was in was owned by two local musicians and ten other. I learned they do not serve smaller dishes for a smaller, intimate group of “just me”.

I tried to people watch. I can barely eavesdrop as i was not able to hear any whisper from  the other table.

The whole activity made me smile.