haiku 1: water rapids

rush through the boulders
of unmoving endeavours
see it changes you

Why do i feel that haikus are a little too short to really contain my thoughts? This is a challenge indeed!


Drop Me Anywhere, Anytime

Ok… Let’s do another DPPrompt shall we… 

Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

Reading the prompt, my mind raced through the list of my fears:

  • Heights
  • Snakes
  • Spiders

Those are just on top of my head. I doubt I really fear snakes but I just felt like putting it there. Spiders. .only when they are really huge and hairy.

Oh my gosh! How can I forget: Flying Roaches! That one thing that I know even macho guys start screaming like ladies when these naughty pests start flying over your head!

But I really see no difference in my life if I would be living without fear of the things that I wrote above. My summer adventures have led me to face my fear of heights every once in a while. I jump off cliffs and into the blue deep waters of the sea or even the water falls. That was ecstatically really fun.

Now, IF I really really really really really really (yes I meant to really write really many time) would fantasize on something that I know deep in my gut I am fearful of and for a moment make it real  – it would be me walking around our neighbourhood and fearlessly…

1.)   Being able to walk up to anyone and strike up conversation (I am a socially inconsistent person. I am a swinging introvert and extrovert depending on … well… my hormones. .. I think)

2.)   The conversation will and should be one that is really connecting (a lot of times I do not have a problem with this. Whenever I talk to people it usually leads to a deep and personal conversation)

3.)   I would be able to lead the conversation to the cross… (this is not usually a topic I bring up voluntarily. Sometimes it’s them who leads the conversation I am normally just a person putting in bits and pieces of the fact surrounding God’s plan, His love, our humanity and our sinfulness, the consequence of our sins and God’s resolution ,etcetera)

I’ve always had the fear (there I finally placed the finger on the proper paragraph) of choking people with God-talk. If I am entirely incapable of feeling this fear, I definitely would have a better life. Because I know that I myself would be seeing more of God if I simply can “JUST OBEY”.


Dude, where’ s my ..croak..?

and….. in three… two …. one…



That’s exactly it and this is a perfect challenge for it actually. I have a real story in mind but it’s taking my brain a really long time to put the words together. Simply because the words just keep popping from my heart and my head seems to be filtering them i end up with either too much jumbled words that it makes no sense; or too many has been filtered that I’m left with none. And yes, the only word that best fits everything is that scream write there…..





now that.. is relaxing